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Áine Tyrrell and Emily Wurramara

I am am Irish singer-songwriter but living in Australia the last 10 years. I am going to be touring UK and Ireland in September with an incredible Aboriginal singer songwriter, Emily Wuramarra as well. I am releasing my second album which I recorded on a road trip around Ireland. Emily and I have toured a lot and done festivals in Australia together and done some cultural and music work around the common threads of colonisation so it makes for a really lovely double headline show.

I am over in Wales with Katie and Mike (TruckStop Honeymoon) in August and then we are doing Electric Picnic and Clonakilty Guitar Festival and other cities and regional areas. I do realise it is SOOO last minute to be making contact about a show, but we had a booking agent that was supposed to be booking our tour, but he got ill suddenly. Would love to see if you would be keen to have a double headline show at the Levis in the first 2 week in September?

Anyways here is some information on both of us:

Here is online presskit:
Video Presskit about album:
And most recent video link:
Here is a private streaming link to the new album as well:
Here is review of album: