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The STASI - Plus Very Close Friends

After a couple of frozen months fossicking away in the studio, Ireland’s most elaborately shod rock n roll band THE STASI are throwing one big hurrah in Dublin before migrating to warmer climes like a flock of Old World warblers.

On FRI 1st MARCH 2019, DROP DEAD TWICE - one of the city’s newest and yellowest venues - will play host to a host of fabulous friends, Romans and guest-stars. Including (but not limited to) the roof raising rebel rhymes of Shakalak and all singing-all-prancing non-binary drag sensation Avoca Reaction.

Tickets for the event will be like hens’ teeth (unlikely to materialize as they serve no practical purpose). But if you palm a greasy fiver to the furtive, winking doorperson, you should be able to march in there with the unshakable confidence of a sun-kissed American brass band boarding their flight to Dublin for the coldest Paddy’s Day since records began.

Doors: 8pm | 5e