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Creep | Milktit | Turfboy

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade? Do you feel like you missed out on the peak of 90's alternative? Have you considered moving to Seattle to try and capture that energy?
Look no further!!
We're bringing you three bands in the now who sound like they belong back then:

In February 2010, four boys started a band with the dream of becoming a somewhat successful rock band. After one show, they realized we need a fifth member to make that happen. Now, many years later and after events as troublesome as looking for a new singer and an bassist who traveled as far as Spain to find himself, Creep have returned to try and recapture that dream of moderate musical success. Piecing together musical influences from 90s grunge groups like Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, classic hard rock legends from Queen to Guns & Roses, and a dash of doom metal, such as early Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard the boys have become men and are in the business of bringing heavy riffs with melody to the masses. And cans, plenty of cans.

A Dublin-based 3-piece alternative rock band, who live and breathe a grunge vibe. From the moment that this band start tuning their guitars, to the last beat smashed out, the authenticity of this band is unquestionable. Not to be missed.

Formed in November 2012, by Colin Kelly, Ollie Mortimer and Tony Carberry, out of a mutual love for 90's alternative music... January of 2013 saw the trio joined by guitarist, Conor Walls, and immediately, more than ever before, the band could feel that they were on to something special. In late 2014, Tony left the band and was succeeded by León, formally of 24 Broken Amps. They've been wrecking the gaff ever since.

All of this for the cost of less than your daily Starbucks intake!!
That's right!!

Just €5, and you can be part of this new movement of sweaty moshing, headbanging and stage-diving!!

N.B. Flannel shirts and ripped jeans not required.

Earlier Event: August 18
Later Event: August 23
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