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Mekkan Ju + Special Guests

Mekkan Ju playing a headlining gig at Drop Dead Twice on Francis St, with support from Late Night Pharmacy and Radical Centrists. Free admission!

Mekkan Ju

Mekkan Ju is a Dublin-based collective centred on the songs of Justin McCann. While the band draws on every influence you can think of, lately we've been focusing on heavily rhythmic grooves inspired by funk, African rhythms, Arabic modes and ska, mixed in with rock 'n' roll aggression, catchy pop melodies and layered vocal harmonies.

Late Night Pharmacy

Late Night Pharmacy are an alt-rock/post-punk band from Dublin, who last year released their first demo and are set to record another later in the year. This will be their first performance with new drummer Jordan Swanson (ex-Midwest Mindset, ex-Sonnets and Sisters). FFO: Joy Division, The Cure, Interpol, My Bloody Valentine.

Radical Centrists

A new band to arrive on Dublin's burgeoning hip-hop scene, rap-rock quartet Radical Centrists combine live instrumentation with political lyrics in a manner reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine and Death Grips. They are set to perform at Longitude Festival this summer.


Mekkan Ju - 22:00-23:00
Late Night Pharmacy 21:00-21:50
Radical Centrists - 20:00-20:50

Doors at 7, free admission.