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The Cosmic Dead // Wild Rocket // Extravision

The Cosmic Dead (Glasgow, Scotland)
Wild Rocket (Dublin, Ireland)
Extravision (Phibsboro, Dublin)

Thursday 25th October
Drop Dead Twice 
18-19 Francis Street, Dublin 8

Doors 8PM // €12

Tickets online soon.

The Cosmic Dead

~ Formed in early 2010, The Cosmic Dead are a quartet from Glasgow, Scotland. ~

"Like a careening, uncontainable torrent of Buckfast-powered kosmische chaos, whatever your feelings 
towards the Scottish quartet's synth-washed space-jams on record, their performance is something like 
having Ken Kesey and Spacemen 3 pour Irn-Bru directly into your third eye." - The Quietus 

"The Cosmic Dead may hail from Glasgow but their music sounds as if 
it were created in another universe altogether." - Drowned in Sound

"Worst band I've ever heard in my life." - Norris McWhirter


Double drumming space punk explorations set.

Some time in the distant future there was a shift in the magnetic field around a star in the system of Sirius which lead to an influx of cerebral radiation bathing the Earth of the present. Our planet is now drenched in the collective consciousness of a trillion minds reaching forward from the aeons past and back from future aeons ahead all to one period, in all dimensions, with one voice. That voice has been interpreted by shamans and physicists alike, each interpretation different-each correct. Wild Rocket interpret this voice and translate the message into rock, both physical and metaphorical. When Wild Rocket began to interpret the message is irrelevant. Time is irrelevant. A cosmic trigger has been pulled.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, WILD ROCKET have been developing their combination of heavy psych and kraut-infused space punk for the past five years. Since the release of their debut LP Geomagnetic Hallucinations in 2014 the band has gone from strength to strength, performing at the Distorted Perspectives and Reverberation Festivals in Ireland and the Hostsabbat Festival in Norway. Wild Rocket have shared stages with internationally renowned contemporaries such as Slomatics, Ufomammut, Earth and The Cosmic Dead.

"This is an album that creates a mood and sustains it over the course of a full record and is also one that should cement Wild Rocket’s place as one of Ireland’s heaviest and best bands." - The Thin Air.


Comprising members of Dublin bands Sissy, Surge and No Spill Blood, Extravision offer up something special via the sum of their parts.

As the city’s finest forward-moving post-punk proposition, the threesome recorded their debut demo with ex-drummer Legs – who, we learn, was lost to the Vancouver punk scene – at the start of the year. With No Spill Blood sticksman, the mercurial Ror Conaty on board, the band are leading the charge, with the aforesaid demo set for release via Sligo imprint Art For Blind Records imminently.