Frequently Asked Questions


How does a Bring Your Own Cocktail (BYOC) bar work?

First things first: you book your slot here on the website (if there are more than 6 people drop us a line at Before your visit you will need to get your hands on a bottle of your favourite spirit (if you are part of a larger group we would recommend you bring a variety of spirits).  Once seated our bar team will talk you through what you like, what you don’t like - be sure to mention if you have any allergies. With that information they will craft for you and your party a selection of bespoke cocktails using fresh and homemade ingredients.

How much does it cost?

Our Thursday to Sunday slots cost €25 per person for 2 hours and €35 per person for 3 hours.

How many cocktails can I expect during my visit?

Guests joining us for 2 hours can expect as many as 4 cocktails per person.  Guests joining us for 3 hours can expect 6 cocktails per person.

Do I need to leave my alcohol if I don’t drink it?

No, not at all! It’s your alcohol, you brought it.  You are welcome to take home whatever you don’t use.

How much alcohol should I bring?

It depends on how long you are booked in for.  If you are booked in for 2 hours you will need a naggin (200ml) per person.  If you are booked in for 3 hours you will need to bring a shoulder (350ml) per person.

Do I need to bring a specific brand?

Not at all, whether you have a bottle of a supermarket own-brand tucked away at home or a premium label that you pick up on your way in or you have a weird and wonderful spirit you brought back from holiday - anything goes!Each of your cocktails will contain at least 50ml of alcohol.

Each of your cocktails will contain at least 50ml of alcohol.

How much alcohol is in each of my cocktails?

They say that variety is the spice of life and we are firm believers! One of the many beautiful things about a Bring Your Own Cocktail bar is the fact that you get to try lots of different flavours, so feel free to bring a selection of spirits - remember, whatever you don’t drink you can take home with you.

Do we have to all bring the same spirit?

Can I make a booking for more than 6 people?

Yes, absolutely! If you would like to make a booking for parties of more than 6 drop us a line at and we can go from there.

You and the rest of your party can pay by cash or card on arrival.  When you make your booking we take your card details, rest assured we do not take payment at this point.  This is just to secure against late cancellation.

When do I pay?

We take these purely to secure against late cancellation

Why do you need my card details?

We understand that plans change and sometimes the unexpected happens.  If you need to change your booking we will do our very best to accommodate. That being said, if you or members of your party need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice we charge a nominal fee of €10 per person.  This is in line with other similar venues who are unable to resell tickets at short notice.

When would I need to pay late cancellation?

Yes! Non-drinkers are very welcome. We make a mean range of mocktails and have entertained a number of non-drinkers.  If there are members of your party who aren't drinking they only need bring themselves and pay entry on the door with the rest of your guests.

Are non-drinkers welcome?